The following are a few of the keynote presentations that I have given. I am more than happy to develop a new keynote based upon the needs of your audience or organization.
  • It Is Personal: A Shift Toward Personalized Learning
  • Living Facebook: 40 Days of Living Facebook
  • Pencil Me In: Using Metaphor and Story-telling to Make Sense of Teaching
  • Teacher Commons: Developing a Personal Learning Network

Workshop and Session Topics
The following are some of the workshops that I have provided both within my district and for conferences, school districts and organizations. Click on each of them for a longer description of the workshop or session.
  • Paperless Math 
  • Four Stages in a Technology Journey
  • Pocket Change: From Playing Nice to Engaging Digital Citizens
  • Expanding Voice: Technology for Language Acquisition
  • There's No Write Way: A Personalized Approach to Engaging Reluctant Writers
  • Classroom in the Cloud: What to Know When Learning is Anywhere
  • Don't Test Me: Tech-Integrated Alternative Assessment
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Classroom Leadership: An Alternative to Managing a Classroom
  • A Better Story: Rethinking Teacher Burnout
  • A Sustainable Start: A Realistic Framework for New Teachers
The Four Stages of the Technology Journey

My style tends to be engaging, interactive, and relevant to the needs of the audience. I try to balance the personal, practical and philosophical aspects of teaching

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